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PUMA and AC Milan Unveil 2022-23 Away Kit: Blending Past Glories with Future Aspirations

A Rich Tapestry of Triumph: The Story Behind the New Kit

PUMA, renowned as one of the leading sports brands globally, and AC Milan, the esteemed Italian Serie A champions, unveiled their new away kit for the 2022-23 season. This launch represents more than just a change in attire. The new kit design is a deep dive into the soul of AC Milan’s history, echoing the iconic white away kit that witnessed the club’s countless victories and seven laudable European champion titles. The new attire is a tangible reflection of the distinguished history and esteemed legacy of the “Rossoneri.”

Adorning the men’s, women’s, and youth teams of AC Milan during their away games in the 2022-23 season, the new kit is set to become the fabric of the club’s future achievements, stitching new tales of triumph to the already impressive narrative of the club’s history.

The White Away Kit: A Symbol of Strength and Victory

Every fabric of AC Milan’s white away kit is woven with the threads of significant moments in the club’s history. The white away kit is an emblem embedded in the collective memory of the team and the fans for its association with grand victories and high honors.

In 1963, when AC Milan rose as the first Italian team to lift the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, an earlier version of the UEFA Champions League, the players sported the white away kit with a striking stripe design. That momentous victory started a long-standing tradition and a unique association of the white away kit with success.

Over the following six decades, the team continued to build on this legacy, amassing an impressive seven UEFA Champions League titles, with the white away kit morphing into a symbol of the club’s indomitable spirit and undeniable prowess.

Embracing the Legacy: The Design of the New Away Kit

In its design, the new 2022-23 away kit seeks to honor the club’s illustrious past while forging its path toward future glory. Predominantly white, the kit boasts seven horizontal red stripes across the chest. Each line is a testament to the club’s formidable record of seven European triumphs, as a visual reminder of the club’s rich history.

The red and black colors of the sleeve cuffs and collar further enhance the connection with AC Milan’s heritage. To deepen this bond, the slogan “SEMPRE MILAN” (Always Milan) graces the back of the neck, reminding every wearer and observer of where the dream began and continues to thrive.

PUMA’s Technological Innovation Meets AC Milan’s Elegance

PUMA is known for seamlessly blending innovative technology with elegant design, and this partnership with AC Milan is no exception. For the players’ version of the new kit, PUMA utilized its ULTRAWEAVE fabric, the lightest performance jersey fabric in its history, paired with dryCELL sweat-wicking technology. This combination results in equipment that looks good and enhances the team’s performance on the pitch.

In the fan version of the jersey, PUMA continues to prioritize style and sustainability. This version features a 100% recycled polyester fabric, thus integrating eco-friendliness without compromising visual appeal or comfort, thanks to the classic dryCELL sweat-wicking technology.

A Beacon for the Future: AC Milan’s Journey Forward

To conclude, the new AC Milan away kit, a proud collaboration between PUMA and AC Milan, is a stunning convergence of the club’s rich history and ambitious vision for the future. More than just sports attire, it is a tribute to the club’s glorious past and promises of its future successes. This historic white design, revitalized with fresh energy and potent symbolism, is more than just a kit – it’s a testament to the club’s legacy, a guidepost for its future, and a proud emblem for millions of its fans worldwide.

A True Icon Reborn: Opinions on the New Away Kit

The new kit has already garnered significant praise from key figures within the club. Marco Mueller, Senior Director of Team Sports Products at PUMA, expressed his delight with the new season’s away kit design, highlighting the symbolic significance of the white away kit for AC Milan’s past victories. Mueller hoped that this fusion of past inspiration with a fresh, vibrant design would invigorate the club’s energy and continue the tradition of success associated with the white away kit.

Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer, also shared his excitement for the new away kit. He proudly underlined AC Milan’s values of respecting its history while embracing the future. Stylsvig further emphasized his belief in the new away kit’s potential to resonate with AC Milan’s over 500 million global fans. He cites the iconic seven horizontal stripes symbolizing the club’s incredible accomplishments in European competition.

Franco Baresi, AC Milan’s Honorary Vice-President and the captain during the 1984-85 season echoed this sentiment. He applauded the design concept of the new away kit, emphasizing its resonance with the fans. For Baresi, the white kit holds a special significance as a tangible symbol of the club’s rich history and the passionate bond it shares with its fans.

More Than Just a Kit: A Statement of Style

The new away kit is also a statement of style, and official photos proudly showcase Milan’s talents alongside the club’s elite players, all sporting the new white equipment. This intersection of sports and fashion underlines the uniquely elegant and fashionable style that has become synonymous with AC Milan.

Ultimately, the 2022-23 AC Milan away kit is a fusion of past glory and the promise of future success. It’s a new chapter in AC Milan’s history, and the world eagerly anticipates the stories it will help to write in the upcoming season. Whether you’re a player on the pitch or a fan cheering from the stands, the new kit is designed to inspire and empower. AC Milan and PUMA’s partnership is more than just about sports attire—it’s about legacy, the future, and the relentless spirit of football.


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