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elebrating Tradition and Innovation: PUMA Unveils AC Milan’s New Home Kit for the 2022-23 Season

A Fusion of Heritage and Progress

Global sports powerhouse PUMA made a bold statement today by unveiling the AC Milan Club’s new home kit for the 2022-23 season. PUMA has partnered with local Milanese artists and creatives to blend Milan’s deep-rooted traditions with the bold and progressive spirit of the new generation of “Rossoneri.” The result? A launch of the intriguing “That Milan Touch” initiative. This project aims to preserve and evolve the path of glory exclusively AC Milan’s.

AC Milan has an unyielding belief in innovation and the pursuit of greatness. Since its foundation in 1899, the club has maintained its strong traditions while embracing the new-age mindset. This drive for progress keeps the club at the forefront of football’s evolution.

Milan’s Signature Energy and Flair

Milan’s energy, creativity, and Italian flair are distinct and powerful. In AC Milan, these qualities find their perfect canvas. The club’s journey is marked by countless classic moments, distilled into a timeless glory that is uniquely AC Milan’s. This glory drives the club’s progress, making it a beacon of inspiration in football.

The Legacy Lives On: The New Home Kit

PUMA’s new 2022-23 season AC Milan home kit is designed to embody and perpetuate these enduring values. The iconic red and black stripes, symbolic of AC Milan, provide the perfect medium for this. The classic black base and red and black lines create AC Milan’s trademark image. The kit also features Italian flag color decorations on the cuffs and the “SEMPRE MILAN” slogan on the back of the neck, connecting fans to the club’s origin and heritage.

Celebrating Past Victories and a Bright Future

Last season, AC Milan reclaimed the Italian Serie A title after an 11-year hiatus. This significant achievement is commemorated in the new home kit with an Italian shield, symbolizing the Serie A championship honor, proudly displayed on the kit’s chest.

A Perfect Amalgamation of Culture and Innovation

Senior Director of Team Sports Products at PUMA, Marco Mueller, describes the new home kit as a perfect fusion of fashion, design, street culture, and Milanese traditions. PUMA ensured that the spirit of Milan, represented by this jersey, continues by specifically collaborating with local Milanese artists and creatives on the co-creation project “That Milan Touch.” These individuals embody Milan’s style and, as loyal supporters, appreciate the uniqueness of AC Milan.

Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed his excitement at unveiling the 2022-23 season’s new home kit. He emphasized the strong connection between the club’s tradition, future, and AC Milan’s relentless innovation vision both on and off the pitch.

A Jersey for All: The Player and Fan Versions

The new 2022-23 season AC Milan home kit will be available in two versions. The player version boasts PUMA’s lightest-ever performance kit material, ULTRAWEAVE, and dryCELL sweat-wicking technology. This combination promises to enhance the team’s speed and vitality.

A Tribute to AC Milan’s Triumphs

The new jersey also has a significant meaning as it showcases the Italian shield patch on its chest, representing AC Milan’s recent triumph. After an 11-year wait, AC Milan made a comeback last season by clinching the Serie A championship. This victory is symbolized by the Italian shield patch, reminding fans of their team’s resilience and determination.

The Symbolism Behind the Design

According to Marco Mueller, PUMA’s Senior Director of Team Sports Products, the new AC Milan home jersey is more than just a piece of fabric. It’s a tribute to AC Milan’s unique characteristics, bringing together style, design, street culture, and Milanese tradition in one single piece. To maintain the continuity of the Milan spirit this jersey represents, PUMA has collaborated with local Milanese artists and creatives on a co-creation project, “That Milan Touch.”

A Forward-Looking Vision

This sentiment was also echoed by AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer, Casper Stylsvig, who stated, “The new home jersey represents our club’s past and future. It’s inextricably linked to the city of Milan and the innovative vision that AC Milan pursues both on and off the pitch.”

High-Tech and Sustainable: The Two Versions of Jersey

This 2022-23 season, the AC Milan home jersey will be available in two versions – one for the players and the fans. The players’ jersey is equipped with PUMA’s ULTRAWEAVE fabric, the brand’s lightest performance kit material, and dryCELL sweat-wicking technology. This combination aims to enhance the athletes’ speed and energy on the field, improving overall performance.

On the other hand, the fans’ version of the jersey utilizes 100% recycled polyester fabric in tandem with the classic dryCELL sweat-wicking technology. This initiative underlines PUMA’s sustainability commitment while ensuring fans can comfortably cheer on their favorite team.

A Celebration of the Rossoneri Spirit

The unveiling of PUMA’s new AC Milan home kit for the 2022-23 season celebrates tradition and innovation. It is an ode to the team’s unwavering spirit, historic successes, and a bold look into the future. With the promise of superior performance and sustainability, the new home kit truly embodies the essence of AC Milan – continuously driving football forward while honoring its rich heritage.

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