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Heritage and Innovation Take Centre Stage: PUMA Launches AC Milan’s 2021-22 Home Kits

AC Milan

Unveiling the Future of Football Fashion

Global sportswear giant PUMA has once again raised the bar in football fashion. Today, they launched the eagerly anticipated 2021-22 home kits for AC Milan’s men’s, women’s, and youth football teams. The unveiling marks a significant occasion, as the new design embodies the essence of Milan – a city renowned for its unique energy, dynamic creativity, and stylish Italian flair.

Making History with the Home Kit Debut

In an unprecedented move that made history, the AC Milan women’s team was the first to sport the new kit in their penultimate game of the Serie A season against Sassuolo. This initiative broke new ground, marking the first time a women’s team has worn a new club kit ahead of the men’s team. Not to be left behind, the men’s team debuted in the latest equipment on May 17th during a high-stakes match against Cagliari.

Design Inspiration: Embodying Milan’s Spirit

The fresh AC Milan home kit design encapsulates the spirit of Milan, drawing inspiration from the city’s unique energy, creativity, and Italian sophistication. Following the ethos of “heritage and innovation,” the new kit design pays homage to the traditions of AC Milan while symbolically representing the club’s future-oriented vision. It’s not merely a football kit but a testament to AC Milan’s ambition to catalyze cultural and social evolution.

From Iconic Stripes to Modern Masterpieces

AC Milan’s timeless red and black stripes have been a fresh twist in the new kit. The stripes are displayed in varying widths and represent the city’s intricate balance between a rich historical heritage and a thriving modernity. This innovative design underscores AC Milan’s continuous evolution, mirroring the vibrant city’s transformative spirit that stretches from the football pitch to the bustling streets and the towering skyline.

Player Insights: Donning the New Look

AC Milan women’s team captain Valentina Giacinti, and men’s team captain, Alessio Romagnoli, have shared their enthusiasm about the debut of the new kits. Giacinti is thrilled to showcase the latest equipment in the upcoming match and appreciates the design’s unique blend of traditional elements and innovative style, which she believes genuinely embodies the spirit of Milan. Romagnoli spoke of the unparalleled honor he experiences each day he dons the red and black stripes. He welcomed the fashionable new look and admired the unique interpretation of Milan’s ever-evolving skyline in the innovative stripe design.

Championing Women’s Football

The AC Milan women’s team, since its formation in 2018, has left a significant mark on the club’s rich history and has played a pivotal role in shaping its future vision and mission. PUMA’s “She Moves Us” campaign perfectly aligns with this launch, spotlighting women’s football and championing female empowerment in sport. Matthias Baeumer, PUMA’s Global General Manager of Team Sports, accentuated AC Milan’s commitment to openness, innovation, and inclusivity and acknowledged the importance of celebrating the women’s team through this kit release.

Design Education: Fostering the Next Generation

In an inspiring collaboration, PUMA partnered with three Milanese fashion and design institutions to enrich the home kit launch. Together, they conducted a series of design courses and workshops led by PUMA’s top designers to foster creativity and encourage innovation among young designers.
Technological Sophistication and Sustainable Innovation
UMA’s commitment to technological innovation and sustainable practices. Constructed from 100% recyclable polyester, these kits exhibit a conscious effort toward promoting sustainability in sports fashion.

Moreover, they are equipped with PUMA’s dryCELL Thermoregulation technology. This advanced feature provides optimal fit and adaptability, ensuring athletes remain cool and dry even during intense physical exertion. This enhances player performance and promotes maximum comfort on the pitch. The back of the new kit incorporates a super lightweight jacquard fabric that significantly boosts breathability during high-intensity play, keeping the players comfortable and agile.

Wrapping Up: The Fusion of Football, Fashion, and Culture

In conclusion, PUMA’s AC Milan 2021-22 home kits launch celebrates the seamless integration of tradition and innovation. It’s a bold statement, affirming the club’s forward-thinking vision and PUMA’s dedication to advancing women’s empowerment in football.

The release has captured the true essence of Milan, a city that beautifully amalgamates football, fashion, and culture. It serves as a testament to AC Milan’s relentless pursuit of being a leading football club and a catalyst for social and cultural evolution.

This launch has set a new standard in football fashion and is a testament to how sportswear can transcend the boundaries of the pitch and resonate with the heartbeat of a city. The stage is set for the AC Milan teams to don their new attire and carry forward the spirit of Milan, both on and off the pitch. As fans across the globe eagerly anticipate the team’s performance in the new kits, one thing is sure – AC Milan and PUMA have created more than just a kit; they have made a symbol of passion, innovation, and identity.

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