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PUMA & NEMEN Launch Innovative AC Milan Kit – Merging the Worlds of Fashion and Sport

Breaking New Ground: A Fresh Collaboration

In a defining moment in the sporting and fashion worlds, PUMA, the globally renowned sportswear brand, has joined Italian streetwear powerhouse NEMEN. The result? A striking and unique capsule collection that seamlessly blends the stylish aesthetic of high-end fashion with the dynamic functionality of sportswear. The brand-new fourth away kit for AC Milan lies at the group’s heart. This collaboration is a first of its kind, with PUMA and AC Milan partnering with a fashion label to create professional football apparel. The vision for this collaboration was clear: to develop a line of football apparel that integrates the intensity and functionality of on-field attire with the elegance and style of off-field wear.

Setting the Stage: Infusing Football with Fashion

In recent years, the world of football has extended its influence beyond the pitch, making a name for itself in street fashion. PUMA and NEMEN have perfectly captured this shift, infusing their collection with the ethos of “Faster Football.” Designed with the fashion-forward and innovative AC Milan in mind, the collection embodies a harmonious fusion of modern football fashion culture and innovative performance apparel materials. The result is a collection that revolutionizes style on the football pitch, transforming the field into a runway of functional fashion.

Star of the Show: The Fourth Away Kit for AC Milan

The all-new fourth away kit for AC Milan is taking center stage in this collection. This kit isn’t just a clothing item; it’s a testament to innovation. Crafted meticulously using PUMA’s revolutionary ULTRAWEAVE high-performance, lightweight fabric, the equipment has been designed to reduce weight significantly. This reduction enhances the speed and agility of the players on the pitch, leading to improved overall athletic performance. The essence of this high-tech fabric is its unique construction, with spandex integrated into the yarn to provide the woven material with superior elasticity in both weft and warp directions.

More Than Just a Kit: An Extensive Collection

This collection goes beyond the singular focus of the football kit and it extends into various apparel, including cold-weather jackets, training jackets, and training trousers. Each piece in the collection is designed and crafted with attention to detail, boasting cutting-edge fabric technology and design elements that are visually arresting and functionally practical.

Perspectives from the Helm: PUMA and AC Milan Leaders Speak

Reflecting on this landmark collaboration, Heiko Desens, the Global Creative Director of PUMA, shares his enthusiasm, stating, “The launch of the AC Milan × NEMEN fashion collection is a milestone for all those involved in the design and development process.” He continues, “It represents a perfect amalgamation of athletic performance and lifestyle, bringing together the iconic AC Milan black and red elements with NEMEN’s specially designed patterns and pioneering fabric technology.”

Chief Revenue Officer at AC Milan, Casper Stylsvig, echoed these sentiments, sharing his pride in AC Milan’s unique position as a football club that blends rich history with modern innovation. “Our brand extends beyond the football field, deepening into fashion and other areas,” he explains. “This excellent collaboration with our partners PUMA and NEMEN has allowed us to combine tradition and innovation, bringing our club’s unique expression of sport and fashion to the football field.”

Showcasing the Collection: The Debut on the Field

The debut of this new collaboration is eagerly anticipated. The AC Milan Women’s team will sport the AC Milan × NEMEN fourth away kit in their Serie A match against Empoli FC on April 3
The Men’s team will showcase the new kit in their league match against Bologna FC 1909 on April 4. These games aren’t just another match in the football calendar; they mark a shift in how football apparel is perceived, with these kits taking the spotlight.

From the Visionary: NEMEN’s Founder Shares His Excitement

NEMEN’s founder and creative director, Leonardo Fasolo, expressed his excitement and pride in participating in this groundbreaking collaboration. As an avid AC Milan fan, this opportunity was his dream come true. Fasolo was particularly proud of how NEMEN’s color-twisting concept was integrated into the design of the fourth away kit, bringing the classic AC Milan red and black stripe pattern to life against a contrasting white background.

Other items in the collection, such as jackets and trousers, feature a hand-dyed ‘spy-camo’ camouflage pattern, a testament to NEMEN’s dedication to innovative textile techniques and the highest quality Italian materials. Fasolo is excited to offer fans a unique product experience transcending traditional sportswear.

Final Thoughts: A Blend of Sport, Innovation, and Fashion

This collaboration between PUMA, NEMEN, and AC Milan is more than just a collection; it’s a statement. It symbolizes a successful blend of sport, innovation, and fashion, showing that these fields are not separate but intrinsically connected. As football culture continues to evolve, it’s clear that collaborations like these are paving the way for a new era of sporting fashion. With each game, this collection promises to redefine the meaning of football culture, setting new standards for what can be achieved when fashion and sport meet on the world stage.

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