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Honoring 120 Years of Legacy: Atlético Madrid’s Commemorative Jersey Reflects History

Celebrating 120 Years of History: Atletico Madrid’s Special Commemorative Jersey


On April 26th, the famous Spanish football club, Atletico Madrid, celebrated its 120th anniversary. To mark this momentous occasion, the club partnered with Nike to release a special commemorative jersey. The design of the jersey draws inspiration from the club’s inaugural kit and features a blue and white color scheme, adorned with the original club emblem. The entire team will proudly don this unique jersey during their La Liga match against RCD Mallorca, just as the first Atletico Madrid players did in their historic debut. Let’s delve into the fascinating history behind this renowned football club and explore the significance of this special anniversary jersey.

From Blue and White to the Iconic Red and White: Atletico Madrid’s Evolution

Atletico Madrid, originally established as a branch of the Athletic Club from Bilbao, was founded on April 26, 1903. The club’s founding members were a group of Basque students living in Madrid who were also affiliated with the Athletic Club. Consequently, they played their matches in the same blue and white kit as their counterparts. The first emblem of Atletico Madrid depicted a belt wrapped around a football with the initials of Athletic Club in the center. This emblem, borrowed from Athletic Club, remained in use until 1917.

In 1911, Atletico Madrid underwent a significant transformation in terms of their kit. The iconic red and white striped jersey was introduced, replacing the previous blue and white attire. The club has since become synonymous with this distinctive color combination. However, on this momentous occasion, the current Atletico Madrid players will once again don a blue and white jersey reminiscent of the club’s early years, paying homage to their rich history.

Sustainable Production and Environmental Commitment: Nike’s Contribution

The commemorative jersey created in collaboration with Nike follows the brand’s commitment to sustainable production. Both the player and fan versions of the jersey are made from 100% recycled polyester fabric, derived from recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are collected, cleaned, and melted down to produce high-quality yarn, aligning with Nike’s “Move to Zero” initiative, aimed at sustainable development.

By incorporating sustainable materials into the production process, Atletico Madrid and Nike contribute to the global effort to protect the environment. This collaboration not only celebrates the club’s illustrious history but also showcases a responsible approach to sportswear manufacturing.

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