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Real Madrid’s 2022-23 Home Jersey: Honoring 120 Years of Glory

Adidas and the Spanish champions, Real Madrid, have joined forces to unveil the brand-new home jersey for the 2022-23 season. This jersey draws inspiration from the illustrious legacy of Real Madrid, commemorating the club’s 120th anniversary. It continues the iconic all-white design, adorned with the Real Madrid crest and eye-catching purple details, paying tribute to the team’s glorious past while envisioning a future of champions.

In the current season, Real Madrid has already secured the La Liga title. The new home jersey for the 2022-23 season aims to convey the spirit of greatness that has united players, fans, and the club over the past 120 years, honoring the historical heritage of Real Madrid. The unique emblem on the inside of the collar symbolizes the club’s unwavering commitment to challenge the impossible with a champion’s spirit, continuously creating a history of glory.

Since its inception, the classic all-white jersey has been a symbol of “Madridismo,” passed down from generation to generation among players and fans, standing the test of time. The new home jersey continues the benchmark of pure white while incorporating modern details. Its purpose is to seamlessly blend the legacy of champions with contemporary fashion, aiming to unite Real Madrid players and global fans in scripting a new legendary chapter for the team.

The new home jersey upholds the principle of sustainability by utilizing recycled materials in its construction. The player version of the home jersey features Adidas’ innovative HEAT.RDY technology, ensuring a dry and comfortable feel, empowering players to exude confidence on the pitch. The fan version of the jersey incorporates AEROREADY technology, providing supporters with a comfortable wearing experience.

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With the collaboration between Adidas and Real Madrid, this new home jersey celebrates the rich history and remarkable achievements of the club, while embracing a sustainable approach to design. It represents the unity of players, fans, and the club itself, reflecting the unwavering spirit of champions. As Real Madrid embarks on its 120th year, this jersey invites everyone to be part of the ongoing journey towards greatness, where tradition meets innovation and the legacy continues to be written.

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