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Reviving Tradition: Manchester United’s Iconic Home Kit Returns


The collaboration between Adidas and Manchester United continues to make waves in the world of football fashion. The latest addition to their partnership is the release of the 2022-23 season’s new home kit. Inspired by Manchester United’s rich history, this jersey marks the first time since Adidas renewed its collaboration with the club in 2015 that a polo collar, a signature feature of Manchester United, has been incorporated into the design of the home kit.

A Tribute to Classic Designs:

The new home kit for the upcoming season draws inspiration from the iconic designs of numerous classic Manchester United jerseys. Featuring a white polo collar and a red geometric shape derived from the club’s emblematic “M” letter, the jersey pays homage to the classics. The “M” letter element has appeared in previous Manchester United jerseys, including the famous “snowflake” kit.

Building on the foundation of the club’s classic red color scheme, the new season’s jersey introduces fine red stripes on the body, complemented by contrasting black three stripes across the shoulders, creating a striking clash of colors.

According to Inigo Turner, the Design Director at Adidas, “The polo collar is a symbol of Manchester United. Whether raised or lowered, it has witnessed many of the club’s shining moments. Looking back at the club’s illustrious history, we aim to pay tribute to the classic jerseys and legendary players through this design. We will interpret the team’s DNA and classic patterns from a fresh perspective, blending the enduring Manchester United spirit into the present.”

Innovative Technology and Sustainability:

The new player version of the home kit is built around the core concept of sustainability, utilizing recycled materials. It incorporates Adidas’ HEAT.RDY technology, promotes sweat-wicking and air circulation to create a dry and comfortable feel, aiding the players in staying cool on the pitch. The fan version of the home kit features AEROREADY technology, absorbing sweat and providing a dry sensation, ensuring that fans are prepared and comfortable while supporting their team.

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