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AC Milan’s Captivating Fourth Kit: Fashion meets Football with PUMA and KOCHÉ


When the fashion capital of Paris meets AC Milan, the football world witnesses an explosion of vibrant style. In the 2022-23 season, leading global sports brand PUMA joins forces with French fashion label KOCHÉ to create a collection of apparel and accessories for AC Milan’s fourth kit. This collaboration showcases a perfect blend of fashion, design, street culture, and Milanese tradition, offering a colorful interpretation of the essence of Milan.

The Vibrant Design:

The AC Milan fourth kit continues to feature the iconic red and black color scheme, while a fiery pixelated pattern runs throughout, symbolizing the relentless spirit of Milan. This pattern, reminiscent of early electronic gaming eras, also embodies a contemporary touch of cyberpunk aesthetic. Gold accents adorn the PUMA logo, club crest, and sponsor insignias, paying homage to AC Milan’s glorious history and reflecting the club’s unwavering pursuit of future success.

Marco Mueller, Senior Head of Product Line at PUMA, mentions, “The most striking design element of the AC Milan fourth kit is the pixelated red flame pattern. It evokes the early days of electronic gaming, and the intricate design captures the essence of modern cyberpunk. The unique curved pixel style reinterprets the iconic AC Milan red and black stripes, creating an entirely new stylized digital appearance.”

The Innovative Spirit of AC Milan:

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan, expresses, “The fourth kit, designed collaboratively by PUMA and KOCHÉ, perfectly embodies AC Milan’s spirit of innovation as pioneers and trendsetters. By combining the red and black stripes with gold, the kit embraces tradition while embracing innovation, authentically merging football and fashion credibly and genuinely.”

Christelle Kocher, Founder, and Creative Director of KOCHÉ adds, “I am honored to collaborate with PUMA to bring the AC Milan fourth kit collection to life, and I am proud to infuse the elegant KOCHÉ style into the AC Milan players’ on-field presence. As a fan, it has been truly inspiring to delve into the DNA of one of the most iconic football clubs ever and provide a modern interpretation of the red and black stripes.”

Performance and Sustainability:

The 2022-23 AC Milan fourth kit will be available in two versions. The player edition will utilize PUMA’s lightest-ever performance fabric, ULTRAWEAVE, connected with dryCELL moisture-wicking technology. This lightweight four-way stretch fabric enables faster and more dynamic movement on the pitch, aiding players in achieving their best performance. The fan edition will feature 100% recycled polyester fabric paired with the classic dryCELL moisture-wicking technology.

The Collaborative Collection:

Alongside the AC Milan fourth kit, PUMA and KOCHÉ present a diverse range of joint products, including shorts, pre-match warm-up jackets, and goalkeeper-specific kit variations. Building upon PUMA’s advanced fabric technology, the collection blends streetwear fashion design language, taking the trend attributes of professional sports products to a new level. AC Milan will debut this new collection on February 26th in their Serie A match against Atalanta BC.


The collaboration between PUMA, KOCHÉ, and AC Milan for the fourth kit represents a seamless fusion of football and fashion. This vibrant collection pays homage to AC Milan’s heritage while embracing innovative design elements and contemporary trends. With its unique style and technical advancements, AC Milan’s fourth kit showcases the club’s position as a pioneer and trendsetter, combining athletic performance with fashionable aesthetics on and off the pitch.

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