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Fashion and Football Unite: Y-3 x Real Madrid Jersey


In the year 2022, two powerhouses in their respective fields came together for the first time to collaborate on an exciting venture. Building upon their initial partnership that produced the iconic 2014-15 season’s third kit, this collaboration expanded into a broader series, abstractly blending vitality and speed. This remarkable collection seamlessly merges sports innovation with contemporary aesthetics, led by a black fourth jersey (third away kit) accentuated with white details and a striking pink goalkeeper jersey.

Expanding beyond the game attire, the collection also includes warm-up products featuring reflective patterns on jackets and pants. Additionally, the off-field products encompass a sleek all-black t-shirt with the Real Madrid club crest and Y-3 logo, an exclusive extended scarf, and a stylish handbag.

The highly anticipated unveiling of this collection is set to take place during the upcoming El Clásico derby on Sunday. A captivating advertisement film titled “The Ceremony,” inspired by Yohji Yamamoto’s iconic black aesthetics breathes life into this collaborative series. The visuals depict a transcendental vision of two lovers walking toward the future, guided by their shared past. Joining this mesmerizing couple in the ad film are a diverse group of onlookers, including players from the Real Madrid men’s and women’s first teams, as well as the club’s legendary figure, Iker Casillas.

Significant anniversaries are being celebrated: Real Madrid’s 120th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Yohji Yamamoto’s collaboration with Adidas. Undoubtedly, as representatives of their respective fields, Y-3 and Real Madrid have been pivotal in propelling the realms of fashion and sports forward since their inception.

Honoring their enduring legacies, the world-renowned football club has joined forces with this trendy sportswear brand this season, creating a celebratory collection comprising a range of apparel and accessories.


The partnership between Y-3 and Real Madrid represents the convergence of two influential entities, each leaving an indelible mark on their industries. Y-3, renowned for its avant-garde designs and visionary aesthetics, has redefined the boundaries of sportswear fashion. Meanwhile, Real Madrid, a powerhouse in the world of football, has a storied history of success and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The collaboration’s main highlight is the striking fourth jersey, featuring a sleek black design with white accents. This jersey pays homage to Real Madrid’s rich heritage while infusing it with Y-3’s distinct artistic flair. The pink goalkeeper jersey adds a vibrant touch to the collection, showcasing the fusion of energy and speed uniquely and abstractly.

Beyond the matchday attire, the collection’s warm-up products introduce an element of functionality and style. Jackets and pants adorned with reflective patterns not only provide practicality but also serve as fashion-forward statements. This combination of form and function perfectly encapsulates the essence of the collaboration.

Off the pitch, the collection offers an array of captivating items. The all-black t-shirt, featuring the iconic Real Madrid club badge and Y-3 branding, exudes a sense of understated elegance. The high-end extended scarf and stylish handbag further enhance the range, providing fans with versatile options to showcase their support for both Real Madrid and Y-3.


The collaboration between Y-3 and Real Madrid represents a remarkable convergence of sport, fashion, and innovation. As two influential entities, they have joined forces to create a collection that seamlessly blends the worlds of football and style. This partnership marks a significant milestone, celebrating Real Madrid’s 120th anniversary and Yohji Yamamoto’s 20th-anniversary collaboration with Adidas.

Through this collaboration, Y-3 and Real Madrid have not only created a range of exceptional apparel and accessories but have also pushed the boundaries of what is possible when sport and fashion unite. The collection’s abstract fusion of vitality and speed, combined with Y-3’s artistic vision, results in a truly unique and captivating range.

As Y-3 and Real Madrid continue to push the boundaries of their respective fields, their collaboration serves as an inspiration for both the fashion and sports industries. This partnership demonstrates the power of creativity, innovation, and a shared vision in creating something truly extraordinary.

In conclusion, the Y-3 and Real Madrid collaboration is a testament to the enduring legacy of both entities. It showcases the harmonious union of fashion and football, resulting in a collection that celebrates the rich history and future aspirations of Real Madrid while embodying the cutting-edge design and style synonymous with Y-3. This collaboration serves as a shining example of how two iconic brands can come together to create a truly unique and dynamic fusion of sports and fashion.

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