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Majestic Madrid: 2014-15 Second Away Kit

Real Madrid, in collaboration with Adidas, has launched its new second away kit for the upcoming season, which the team will don in the prestigious UEFA Champions League. This sleek and elegant all-black attire will be worn by star players such as Bale, Marcelo, and Benzema, as well as the newly acquired talents James Rodriguez and Kroos, as they embark on their quest to defend their European title.

The Visionary Collaboration:
The newly unveiled second away kit has been meticulously crafted by renowned Japanese design innovator and long-term Adidas partner, Yohji Yamamoto. This collaboration aims to seamlessly merge the legendary figure in the global design sphere with one of the greatest football clubs in the world, Real Madrid. The design partnership intends to express the values of the club, with a particular emphasis on two key elements: greatness and determination.

The Symbolism of Greatness and Determination:
These two elements are represented by two mythical creatures inspired by Eastern culture, intricately intertwined on the front of the jersey. The Dragon King symbolizes the club’s greatness, honor, and power, while the Phoenix represents the resilience, determination, and agility of the club during its triumphant journey. Yamamoto’s choice of the revered black color as the primary tone, complemented by white details, ensures the kit exudes timeless elegance.

Distinctive Features:
The second away kit features a Mandarin collar, a monochromatic badge, and Yamamoto’s signature as standout characteristics. With the completion of the design for both the home and away kits, the new collection perfectly encapsulates the essence of Real Madrid. The ultra-lightweight material not only enhances breathability but also provides unparalleled freedom of movement without compromising elasticity and strength.

Real Madrid’s collaboration with Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto has given birth to a remarkable second away kit that embodies the values and aspirations of the club. The fusion of design genius and football excellence has resulted in a visually stunning and technologically advanced jersey that will accompany the team on its quest for European glory. The symbolism of greatness and determination depicted by the mythical creatures on the kit serves as a constant reminder of Real Madrid’s illustrious history and unwavering ambition. As the players step onto the pitch adorned in this striking attire, they are poised to embark on their journey, driven by the desire to conquer new heights and defend their Champions League title once again.

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