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Embracing Diversity and Sustainability: The Story Behind Inter’s 2021-22 Third Kit

Inter Milan

A Celebration of Inclusivity and Equality: A New Era of Football Fashion

The world-renowned sports apparel company, Nike, has partnered with the illustrious Italian football club, Internazionale Milano, to announce the launch of the team’s groundbreaking third kit for the 2021-22 season. Embodied within the theme, “Brothers and Sisters of the World,” the new equipment is a testament to the progressive values of inclusivity and equality that Inter has championed since its inception.

The cutting-edge design of the third kit draws inspiration from the ethos of inclusivity and the tireless pursuit of equality – values deeply embedded in Inter’s DNA right from the start. Donned in black, the jersey is embellished with a diagonal pattern featuring four vivid colors, creating a visually stunning aesthetic. These colors are more than mere design elements – they symbolize Inter’s unwavering commitment to embracing diversity and eradicating all forms of discrimination.

The Unity of the Nerazzurri Faithful: Bringing the World Together Through Sport

The blend of these colors represents the unity of the Nerazzurri (Black and Blues) faithful, passionate fanbase that spans the globe. It signifies a future where differences are gradually blurred, and unity is celebrated. Inter’s motto, “Brothers and Sisters of the World,” emerges as a timely and compelling call for unity amid divisions. This mantra is a fundamental principle of the club. It is subtly highlighted within the collar of the jersey, reinforcing the role of Inter as a unifying force that brings together fans from all walks of life.

Nike’s Move To Zero Initiative: Bridging the Gap Between Sports and Sustainability

On a broader scale, the production of this jersey underscores Nike’s “Move To Zero” initiative, representing a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. Since 2010, Nike has championed the production of football kits made from recycled polyester, a material derived from repurposed plastic bottles. Compared to virgin polyester, this recycled material can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%, demonstrating a significant stride in reducing the environmental impact of sportswear production.

Setting a Pioneering Example for the Sporting World: Fashion, Function, and Responsibility

The alliance between Nike and Internazionale, fortified by a shared commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, highlights how sportswear can be an agent of societal change. It sends a powerful message, emphasizing the critical importance of unity and sports’ role in addressing environmental challenges.

With the release of this third kit, both Nike and Internazionale are celebrating the diversity of their global fanbase and expressing their dedication to the cause of environmental sustainability. Their combined efforts serve as a shining example for other sporting organizations, showcasing how the sports industry can champion the causes of equality, diversity, and environmental conservation.

The Implication of Inter’s 2021-22 Third Kit: A Stitch in Time

The new Inter kit is a beacon of what modern sportswear should embody – a blend of aesthetics, performance, and social responsibility. The use of striking colors is a testament to the possibilities of fashion in sports and the notion that a team’s attire can be both functional and visually appealing. Beyond this, the rich palette symbolizes the fusion of diverse cultures and backgrounds – the Inter fan community that extends globally.

Inter’s third kit communicates an important message – that football clubs can be essential in endorsing inclusivity and diversity. In a world often divided by differences, the team’s “Brothers and Sisters of the World” principle underscores the power of unity and togetherness. This principle, neatly woven into the jersey’s design, is a constant reminder of the role of sport in promoting shared values and collective identity.

Sporting Sustainability: Reducing Carbon Footprints, One Jersey at a Time

Nike’s commitment to sustainability shines through in this collaboration. As part of the “Move To Zero” initiative, using recycled polyester to produce the kits exemplifies a significant shift towards environmentally-friendly practices in the sports industry. This shift is not just about reducing the carbon footprint of sportswear manufacturing but also about setting a precedent for other companies to follow.

With the release of this kit, Nike and Inter are showing their global fanbase and the broader world that environmental sustainability and sports can coexist. The move to using recycled polyester sends a message to fans worldwide – that supporting your favorite team doesn’t have to come at the cost of the planet.

A Larger Picture: The Role of Football in Societal Change

The unveiling of Internazionale’s 2021-22 third kit is a momentous event for the club, its fans, and the football world. The jersey’s launch underscores the increasing recognition of football’s role in driving societal change.

Football, one of the most popular sports globally, has an unrivaled platform to spread critical messages about diversity, inclusivity, and environmental conservation. By consciously aligning these values with their brand, Nike and Inter are significantly contributing to these global issues.

Conclusion: A Vision for the Future of Football

Inter’s 2021-22 third kit exemplifies the future of football – a future where the sport serves as a tool for positive change, inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability are embedded into every facet of the game, including the kits the players wear.

In this vision for the future, football is more than a sport; it’s a driving force for progress. It’s a call to fans, clubs, and organizations worldwide to embrace Inter’s third kit’s principles, making strides towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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